Iffley Miles

Date: 20th Jul 2013
Distance: 1m
Full results: http://www.britishmilersclub.com/content/bmcitemdisplay.aspx?itemid=929
Type: Track
Comments: Three HRR winners on one afternoon? Simon and Thomas can tell their own stories, but I'm proud to say I ran several small boys, a 16 year old girl and a middle-aged Aussie into submission. Maxwell was much faster, of course, but had the misfortune to be drawn against a field of grown-ups in which even Woodstock's James Bolton could only manage 6th. When we'd finished, the more serious business of the British Milers Club Grand Prix meeting got under way. The BMC, despite the name, run a variety of track events from 800m to 5000m. Oxford is the only place where they actually compete over a mile - to honour Roger Bannister's achievement on that track. Fittingly, 2 men did break the the 4 minute barrier in the A race.
Race 2
105:42.29Simon Proctor
606:40.80George Tsverik
Race 3
105:09.95Thomas Proctor-legg
Race 4
104:59.84Fergus Campbell
Race 6
1204:48.69Maxwell Robinson
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