Joint HRR TVOC Street score event

Date: 25th Jul 2002
Distance: 1 hour score
Type: Orienteering
Comments: Please find below the overall and class results. The positions are decided on points and in the case of draws overall time. In the overall results the vets demonstrated that they have great strength as well as wisdom, taking 5 of the top 7 places. The top four positions were all very closely fought for with Hanno just picking up an extra point penalty by a mere 3 seconds! (not sure he has forgiven the timekeeper yet!). The winner of the two female classes, Helen and Jude, drew for fifth place overall. The best route, from looking at control cards and talking to people afterwards, seems to have been to have gone up into old Headington and then down parallel to the London Road and finally back along the edge of the Meadows, on the New Marston side, picking off as many controls as possible. Having said that though, Luke went via Park Town and university parks. Thanks for those that took part; it made all the set-up work worthwhile. If this has wetted your appetite for orienteering, Luke is organising an event at Waterperry Wood, just North of Wheatley on the 1st September. Details will be on the TVOC website:
PostionNameclassclubscoremins around hour
1Luke McNeilSMtvoc/HRR18-1
2Dave KinghamVMtvoc181
3Neville BakerVMtvoc/HRR17-3
4Hanno NickauVMHRR172
5Jude Craft and Gary HarrisSFHRR16-3
=Helen Turely and GrahamVFHRR16-3
7Tony MooreVMHRR16-2
8Richard SharpSMtvoc15-5
9Chris, Matt and RichardSMHRR15-4
10Fraser and ChrisSMHRR14-5
11Helen SharpSFtvoc14-1
=John WorthSMtvoc/HHR14-1
13Simon KippinSMtvoc144
14Gordon ManningVMHRR13-6
=Manny StoneVMHRR13-6
=Dianne MooreSFHRR13-6
=PLK teamVFHRR13-5
19Bob GreenVMHRR13-3
=Trevor Witts, Gerald walker and MikeVMHRR13-3
21John and IonaSFHRR12-2
22Joe ChoulertonSFHRR11-4
23Yiannis FitsakisSMHRR11-3
24David LuttigSMHRR11-2
25Pauline SinclairSFtvoc11-1
26Luke WoodwardSMOUOC112
27Yvonne HodsonVFtvoc10-4
28Geraldene LastSFtvoc9-3
29Gill EvansVFHRR9-1
=Sarah GryllsVFHRR9-1
31Frank BaileySMHRR91
32Heather LangSFHRR95
33Andrews JamesSMHRR96
34Kate AtkinsonSFHRR8-3
35P MurphySMJOK8-2
36Eirini FloriSFHRR7-5
=Vincci LauSFHRR7-5
PostionNameclassclubscoremins around hour
1Jude Craft and Gary HarrisSFHRR16-3
2Helen SharpSFtvoc14-1
3Dianne MorreSFHRR13-6
4John and IonaSFHRR12-2
5Joe ChoulertonSFHRR11-4
6Pauline SinclairSFtvoc11-1
7Geraldene LastSFtvoc9-3
8Heather LangSFHRR95
9Kate AtkinsonSFHRR8-3
10Eirini FloriSFHRR7-5
=Vincci LauSFHRR7-5
PostionNameclassclubscoremins around hour
1Luke McNeilSMtvoc/HRR18-1
2Richard SharpSMtvoc15-5
3Chris, Matt and RichardSMHRR15-4
4Fraser and ChrisSMHRR14-5
5Simon KippinSMtvoc144
6Yiannis FitsakisSMHRR11-3
7David LuttigSMHRR11-2
8Luke WoodwardSMOUOC112
9Frank BaileySMHRR91
10Andrews JamesSMHRR96
11P MurphySMJOK8-2
PostionNameclassclubscoremins around hour
1Helen Turely and GrahamVFHRR16-3
=PLK teamSMHRR13-5
4Yvonne HodsonVFtvoc10-4
5Gill EvansVFHRR9-1
=Sarah GryllsVFHRR9-1
PostionNameclassclubscoremins around hour
1Dave KinghamVMtvoc181
2Neville BakerVMtvoc/HRR17-3
3Hanno NickauVMHRR172
4Tony MooreVMHRR16-2
5Gordon ManningVMHRR13-6
=Manny StoneVMHRR13-6
7Bob GreenVMHRR13-3
8Trevor Witts, Gerald walker and MikeVMHRR13-3
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