London Marathon

Date: 26th Apr 2009
Distance: Marathon
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Warm sunny day and managed to run the whole race without stopping. Good to see ex-members performing well, in addition to Mara's 2nd place. Jethro Lennox was 27th 2:24:11. Please add any pbs/comments as necessary.
M/F PosAgePosNoRunnerCatTime
7968658RILEY, CHRISTOPHER JM182:33:03 2nd claim HRR
35233830ZVEREV, VASILYM452:47:12
41728532611FAWCETT, RICHARD JM182:49:22
70644825088FITSAKIS, YIANNISM182:56:29 pb
95712231558MEADOWCROFT, IAN CM453:00:17
9416325SCHULZ, URSULAW403:08:13 pb club record
2012106710607SHEA,NICHOLASM183:14:58 pb
38443335WOLANSKI, SANDRAW453:25:39
495510324724TREADWELL, ROBERT WM403:39:46
550080053392SLATOR, CLIVE CM453:43:22
55538102607ALLEN, MARTINM453:43:45
141087629656HARRIS, CHARLOTTE MW183:53:21
9179505118562BROWN, SEAN MM184:03:10
956215025092NORRIS, GRAHAM LM604:05:30
9778539913461DAJDA, NICKM184:06:47
9962134141584FRANCIS, IAN DM454:07:46
10575585222843BRAME, PAUL FM184:11:05 pb
2655166649332POWTER, ANNW184:13:00 pb
3271203714545MORLEY, PATTIE AW184:21:26
13011239325090BAILEY, FRANK JM404:24:28
13852776821995WILKINSON, DOMINICM184:28:49
4410278310278BIRCH, CLARE EW184:34:47
1520350921951SZYNAKA, STEFANM554:36:40
506488145309O'SULLIVAN, TINAW404:42:24
17815317425091DAY, GRAHAMM404:52:19
2178215513692ZACCARIELLO, BENITOM655:30:09
89549025089O'SULLIVAN, MAUREEN NW605:38:21
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