Long Wittenham 5k Fun Run

Date: 27th May 2012
Distance: 5K
Full results: http://www.longwittenham.com/calendar/the-fun-run/
Type: MT
Comments: A small and tough 5k over what is essentially a cross country course, around the fields at the foot of Wittenham Clumps. Conditions were very warm indeed, and the lack of any breeze made it harder. First home was an Abingdon school pupil who hadn't run a 5k timetrial the previous day (unlike me) but his winning time was identical to mine from the timetrial. This is the first (and probably last) time I have ever won anything for any kind of sport, and whilst it's only a parochial race, it's still a nice feeling. A visiting group of French people (from the twinned village of Thaon) all took part, with the visiting Mayor handing out prizes. You will be pleased to know the Brits beat the French quite comfortably, netting the top 3 seniors an additional trophy. Yours truly has been invited by the Mayor to take part in their first 5k race in 2013. The thought of being an international athlete is quite appealing......
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