Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon

Date: 15th Jun 2003
Full results: http://www.lamm.co.uk/2003/results_day2summary.htm
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: A two-day mountain orienteering / navigational fell race with an overnight camp at a remote location. Teams run in pairs and carry lightweight camping equipment, clothes and food to sustain themselves for 36 hours. You can choose from six courses ranging from Elite to Novice depending on your ability and fitness. The aim is to visit each of the checkpoints on your course and the times for both days are aggregated to find a winner.
Nigel Bunn, Kenny LeitchElite71 k, 4110 m14.30 h5th
Neville Baker John WorthB52 k, 3080 m13.16 h36/84
Pippa Whitehouse, Emma PooleyB14.49 h59/84
Chris Dibben, Collin BlackburnC43 k, 2210 m11.01 h22/122
Dave Ryder, Michelle RyderC14.05 h 104/122
Patric Grant, David PrestonD36 k, 1710 m10.34 h59/128
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