Date: 10th Jun 2006
Distance: 22(m)
Full results:
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: A very hot day this year with many times slower this year because of the heat. An excellent result for David, Richard and Chris winning the prize for the first team (full race distance) and Louise, Anita and Sian picked up the prize for third ladies relay team. Please note some of the times (especially relay teams) on the website are incorrect or missing, please fill in any that I have omited or are wrong.
4Haggai Chepkwony2:19:16First Runner (Army)
32David Burton2:59:09
44Richard Skilbeck3:04:21
84?Headington Ladies3:20Louise,Anita,Sian (Bronze Cup for 3rd all Female Relay Team )
96Chris Nellins3:21:42
125Chris Colbeck3:30:36
140Frank Bailey3:33:01
159Pitts Girls3:40:21Kate Pitt,Kate Smith,Jo Bryant
162Good,Bad,Ugly3:41:10Graham Chapman,Laurence Kemble,Oliver Hookham
171Richard Newhouse3:43:31
224MarieAnne Fischer4:02:29
311Francis Josephs5:08:45
Dave Howse5:20?
313John WorthDNF
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