Man v Horse

Date: 12th Jun 2010
Distance: 22 m
Type: MT
Comments: Excellent weather! Fantastic HRR turn out with lots of full distance first timers! HRR men won second team prize as well as individual prizes? Many thanks to Ian who co-ordinated entries and accomodation and provided bike support, HRR cheer's and chief photographer! This year the race was won by Sly Dai ridden by local rider Llinos Mair Jones in a time of 2:07:04 and the first man was Haggai Chepkwony 2:17:27. All relay teams and individuals beat some horses home and rummour has it that the diversion on stage 1 added an extra mile to the overall distance! Please add your results as I know I don't have everyone's and may have made some up! Also working out the teams from the results list was beyond me!
Anthony Bourne2.41.52Ran past Jim when he wasn't looking!
Jim Thorne2.42.01
Andy Phelps3.03.38
Raj Sharma3.03.47
Elizabeth Barker3.14.38
Neville Baker3.18.56
Frasier Howard3.28.10
Sally Howard 3.31.51
Isobel Wreford3.41.14
Neville Baker and the Cornish Pasties 3.48.45Slight detore on the way back to the village shop?
Alison Barry3.52.47
Marie-Anne Fisher4.02.50
Ged Taylor4.02.55
Louise Dennis4.04.03 Ran past Mike when he was looking!
Mike Davies4.07.07
Jo Z 4.07.58
Geoff Burke4.11.36
Jim (James only to his mother)Foster4.11.36
Sarah Grylls4.33.00
Mike Dunn4.33.41
Mr Kit4.59.07
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