Man v Horse

Date: 12th Jun 2004
Full results:
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Working from the official results this is as close as I can get to what actually happenned . . . if anything is wrong or anyone is missing please correct. Dave, Jim and Chris were the winning team of 3 full-distance runners. Big cups to these 3, smaller ones to Jude, Crispin and Gary.
1Huw LobbBedford & County ACRunner2:05:19£25,000!
3Zoe WhiteKay Bee JayHorse2:07:361st Horse
11Jude, Crispin, GaryHRR 'A'Team2:21:463rd Team
13Jay Hortonex-HRRRunner2:25:18
25Maddie Hortonex-HRRRunner2:30:381st female runner
52Dave BurtonHRRRunner2:46:00
61Jim ThornHRRRunner2:48:26
71Chris NellinsHRRRunner2:52:44
127Mark CreaseyEynshamRunner3:09:29
135Mike Yeats, Graham ChapmanHRRRunner3:11:13
136Annelie, Jo, LouiseHRR LadiesTeam3:11:51
143Frank BaileyHRRRunner3:14:03
174Marie-Anne FischerHRRRunner3:20:39
195Gareth HudsonHRRRunner3:24:33
Francis JosephsHRRRunner1 leg only
Alison BarryHRRRunner1 leg only
Linda McAskillHRRRunner1 leg only
Henriette ThornHRRRunner1 leg only
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