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Date: 13th Mar 2004
Distance: 26 m + 26 m
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: A new event by the same organisers, Rory Coleman and crew, who started the Martahon of Britain last year. It consists of two off-road marathons on consecutive days in the Cotswolds with over 6000 feet ascent where competitors have to wear a backpack of 12 - 20 pounds and where they have to navigate the route themselves. A task a bit too difficult for some it seemed.
overall posname first daysecond day total time
1Hanno Nickau, HRR4:39:06 (1)4:42:55 (3)9:22:01
2Gavin Booth 4:54:00 (2)4:37:30 (1)9:31:30
3Adam Wilton 4:54:49 (3)4:40:40 (2)9:35:29
6Heidi Wilson5:20:10 (7)5:13:02 (7)10:33:12first woman
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