Motavation 4: Bletchingdon

Date: 04th Aug 2011
Distance: 4.285m
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Another great turn out for our club. Course changed from Chipping Norton due to road works. I think it was extended by 51 yards from the usual Bletchingdon course. Some nice time improvements from the previous Bletchingdon Race, Ed Byard -1:17 and Charlotte Harris -47s and the course was slightly longer too-Well done!!(Sorry if i have missed any others who acheived significantly better times.) Nice couple of challenging climbs and a decent bit of wind too. Congratulations to Jude who finished 2nd Lady and 1st VL35,Dianne who finished 2nd VL35, Charlotte who finished 3rd SL and Anita James who finished 3rd VL45. Please feel free to add details ref team events as i am not sure what the scoring format is. Apologies for any mistakes or missing relevent details.
1First finisher21:32SM
12Gary Harris23:42SM
28Richard Skilbeck24:55SM
39Jude Craft25:35VL351st VL35
48Dave Cox26:15VM40
49Dianne Moore26:22VL352nd VL35
62Martin Dunmore27:13SM
64John Griffiths27:17VM50
71Charlotte Harris27:35SL3rd SL
76Elizabeth Barker28:02SL
79Ed Byard28:11SM
88Adrienne Hopkins28:40VL35
97Andrew Brown29:10SM
121Kevin Byrne30:13SM
133Andy Lawrence30:48SM
135John Stephens30:59VM40
141Anita James31:14VL453rd VL45
147Philip Lister31:28VM50
148Alex Tester31:28SM
150Charlotte Noakes31:35SL
151Howard Marshall31:35VM50
168Philip Munday32:04VM40
176David Sawyer32:14VM50
185Graham Norris32:49VM60
192Hanno Nickau33:46VM40
212Tony Turton34:36VM40
214Charlotte Coles34:43SL
217George Tsverik34:50SM
220Stuart Robinson35:07SM
221Jon Clargo35:09VM40
229Laura Millican35:29SL
233Gail Jones35:41VL45
234Robert Green35:46VM60
240Paul Price36:30VM50
251Matt Davis36:58SM
260Andrew Munday37:59VM40
279Kit Villiers40:01VM60
280Claire Conway40:08SL
288Richard Clarke41:43VM40
291Ali Robinson43:16VL35
294Sheila Doel43:44VL55
302Eileen Stevenson47:45VL45
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