Motavation, Chipping Norton

Date: 01st Aug 2002
Distance: 4m
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Congratulations to Stephen Male (1st M), Iona Robertson (1st F) and Allison Hirst (1st F35).
10:22:09Male, Stephen
30:22:20Harris, Gary
50:22:33Gainsborogh, Martin
70:22:39Dettmar, Chris
280:24:36Robertson, Iona
300:24:41Barnes, Matthew
310:24:42Hirst, Allison
340:24:49Baker, Neville
390:25:07Griffiths, John
410:25:10Board, Oliver
450:25:35Meadowcroft, Ian
470:25:43Nellins, Chris
700:26:49Nickau, Hanno
740:27:06Fitsakis, Yiannis
750:27:06Choulerton, Jo
780:27:15Jones, Phillippa
890:27:49Hirst, Mark
950:28:06Cox, Bob
960:28:12Bailey, Frank
1210:29:22Cresswell, Marie
1250:29:32Rasgauski, Martin
1290:29:49Norris, Graham
1300:29:52Turley, Helen
1350:30:21Howard, Sally
1400:30:29Moore, Antony
1530:31:57Green, Bob
1560:32:03Worth, John
1880:35:42McIver, Moira
1940:36:47Atkinson, Kate
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