Motavation, Oxford

Date: 30th Aug 2001
Distance: 4 miles
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Again a very strong HRR ladies team just missing out on a successive third clean sweep in the series.
5Gary HARRIS20:33
24Jim THORN22:15
36Jay HORTON22:56
37Jude CRAFT22:58 1st lady
48Laurie HURMAN23:40
51Hanno NICKAU23:45
55Allison HIRST24:00 2nd lady
61Christopher NELLINS24:22
64Maddie BARNES24:25 4th lady
66Iona ROBERTSON24:39 5th lady
77Fraser HOWARD25:16
82Mark CREASEY25:26
88Martin CURTIS25:36
99Phillippa JONES26:04
107John WORTH26:34
127Pat READ27:29
134Ged TAYLOR28:17
135Howard MARSHALL28:27
142Graham NORRIS28:48
143Bob GREEN28:49
153Marie CRESSWELL29:58
159MarieAnne FISCHER30:52
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