National Intercounties XC Full Oxon Results

Date: 05th Mar 2005
Type: XC
Comments: On a windy and very cold day at Woollaton park in Nottingham, the National Intercounties (serving as the trials for the World Xc) provided some thrilling races and very stiff competition for Oxon runners. Highlight of the day was Hattie Dean's (Radley/Sheff Univ) run to claim 3rd place in the 4km trial, hopefully enough to get her into the GB squad for the World Cross in a few weeks time.
U17 MenTimeName
15600:23:18D Griffiths
22100:24:22C Tucker
25400:25:35S Devonish
25500:25:37G Woods
25700:25:49D Ridley
U15 Boys
3000:15:51T Traynor
17900:17:15S Copley
24100:17:44I Castle
27000:18:14I Robinson
27600:18:18M Woodside
28100:18:28L Warren
28500:18:46R Gunn
29500:19:11H Penfold
U13 Boys
4300:13:11P Manning
9900:13:33J Stainthorp
13900:13:51A Simpson
14800:13:53H Robertson
16300:14:01A Jones
22800:14:23Al Jones
25000:14:34A Duff
26300:14:53R Cadle
17900:34:12G Petts
18900:35:53J Moche
Senior Men
4400:41:42M Ashton
5300:42:00B Hope
10500:43:28D Bellinger
14700:44:30D Warrington
18200:45:22C Dettmar
21000:46:17P Jegou
22200:46:52C Hetherington
Under 15 girlsTimeName
8800:17:09S Tyers
20500:18:13C Mitcham
21400:18:17H Luke
22300:18:28G Newall
25500:18:56J Graham
26800:19:18M Roberts
Under 17 women
15800:22:21A Gunn
18700:23:02H Roberts
21400:24:29H Chaundy
22000:24:40J Munsey
Under 13 girls
300:13:26M Hawtin
1300:13:59B Swords
7800:14:49D Anderson
11000:15:06E Grant
20000:15:55C Drummond
24900:16:23S Woodside
26400:16:34K Smith
27100:16:48J Hart
Junior Women
1900:24:47H England
5600:26:57E Ridley
9700:30:02L Chisnall
10900:31:30R Chicken
11800:35:28K Bushnell
Senior women
17700:34:07R Kelling
18000:34:21L Burton
21100:35:38S Walters
26000:39:02G Hueter
4km Short course World Trials
300:14:39Hattie Dean
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