Original Mountain Marathon

Date: 25th Oct 2008
Type: Orienteering
Comments: There are no official results as the race was cancelled by midday on Saturday due to the flooded overnight camp. Kirsty (Hewitson) and I finished our day though with no major problems - just very wet and windswept! Don't know about Neville and Marianne or others. PLEASE NOTE: The media have totally sensationalised the situation, with incorrect facts and no real understanding of how experienced competitors are. For example, mountain rescue did not tell the organisers to cancel the event (as was reported) - in fact many of the mountain rescue were competing! Another example - it was not huge cost to the taxpayer - as you know, mountain rescue teams are comprised of volunteers and donations. The RAF Sea King which was involved had already agreed to be on hand as it is good training for them. The list goes on....
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