Oxford Mail XC League 2 : Enslow Quarry

Date: 04th Dec 2005
Full results: http://www.geocities.com/oxmailxc/2005-2006/index.html
Type: XC
Comments: HRR-only results below - see URL for complete results, and overall standings (team and individual) after round 2.
Race 1: U11 Boys
6Chad Meadowcroft3.54
9Martin Thetford4.06
Race 2: U11 Girls
25Billie Meadowcroft4.36
38Rowan Read7.08
Race 4: U13/U15 Girls
41Hannah Thetford12.40
Race 6: Women
9Sally Howard27.02
25Alison Barry30.38
27Anita James30.47
30Marie-Anne Fischer30.52
36Helen Turley31.16
41Catherine Shelley31.38
46Jo Zaremba32.30
48Linda Macaskill33.23
51Amy Dawson35.34
58Anne Morgan35.22
59Kate Smith33.53
63Sarah Grylls36.00
82Maureen O'Sullivan44.09
Race 7: Men
1Steve Kimber34.24
4Chris Riley36.15
6Vasili Zverev36.36
13Mark Richards37.33
14Crispin Hetherington38.05
19Chris Colbeck38.40
22Martin Dunmore39.14
26Luke McNeill39.38
32Peter Godwin40.01
37Ian Meadowcroft40.50
45Giles Chalk41.26
51Chris Nellins41.48
61Laurie Hurman42.43
83Matt Barnes43.54
85Andy Phelps43.57
99Alan Darbyshire44.58
111Mark Herd46.06
124Frank Bailey47.23
133Mike Dunmore48.18
141Richer Horner49.15
154Pat Read50.34
156Pete Hennessy51.07
157Richard Newhouse51.51
163Geoff Raynham52.22
169Ged Taylor53.06
171Kevin Byrne53.24
181Graham Norris55.15
185Dave Howse56.47
192Kit Villiers59.26
193Ross Logan61.15
195Andrew Munday63.08
198Graham Day67.18
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