Oxford Town and Gown

Date: 21st May 2006
Distance: 10K
Full results: http://www.oxfordtownandgown.org
Type: Road
Comments: The list below includes all those who entered as HRR plus some who are known or believed to be current members. The first time is your finish clock time and the second time is your net chip time. Positions are based on the first. There seems to have been a minor blip with the chip timing for those placed between 100-300 but i have been able to get net times for all our runners except Nici. Well done to everybody who ran in the pouring rain. And a special thanks to the HRR marshals who were out there for a long time in vile conditions and still gave us much cheerful encouragement. Inevitably there will still be errors in this list. Please enter amendments directly yourself if you wish or contact me.
5Steve Kimber 32.3632.362nd claim
6Gary Harris33.1933.17
34Chris Colbeck36.3636.33
40Dave Gavaghan37.0036.58
81Chris Prince39.1639.09
104Sally Howard40.1440.08
109Alexis Tadie40.2440.19
115Yiannis Fitsakis40.2840.22
158Anna Cornelius41.2541.19
183Adam Jeffrey41.4441.36
202Clive Slator42.0641.47
212Nici Cahusac42.23?
219Alex Smith42.3242.16
311Tim Mean43.4643.42
349David Edwards44.1643.54
361Emma Riggs44.2144.08
387Roger Ramsbottom44.3643.30
399Frank Bailey44.4544.31
404Richard Newhouse44.5144.18pb
427Stuart Sims45.0944.12
479Cindy Warwick45.3644.51
488Rachel Shaw45.4145.29
508Anita James45.5845.43
520Kevin Byrne46.0844.06
521Enzo Cerundolo46.0945.54
584Stuart Hathaway46.4646.13
588Paul Brame46.4846.30
643Tim Leone Ganado47.2647.01
665Jenny Newton47.4047.05
675Bob Green47.4847.34
714Graham Norris48.1648.09
721Michael Parris48.2047.19
725Geoff Raynham48.2247.41
770Steve Cowls48.4148.27
777Carl James48.4648.04
805Matthew Johnson49.0247.56
806Simon Harris49.0348.08
825Linda Macaskill49.1348.44
833Alison Barry49.1648.35
887Peter Hartnett49.4549.33
904Joanna Shearer49.5449.35
906Carol Edwards49.5549.22
927Kit Villiers50.0549.26
961Imogen Matthews50.2749.23
965Andrew Munday50.3149.52
1024Jonathan Ovenden51.0649.50
1041Anne Morgan51.1550.19
1093Jo Bryant51.4451.04
1149Emma Croft52.2150.48
1295Elizabeth Fleckney53.2551.45
1304Robert Logan53.2952.49
1356Graham Day53.5953.43
1371Andrew Sulley54.0553.33
1399Mike Dunn 54.1853.36
1416Christine Rode54.2853.22
1420Caroline Milne54.3053.50
1508Lizzie Newton55.1653.57
1550Mark Taylor55.3355.10
1565Brenda de Martino55.4654.27
1635Matthew Davis56.3055.28
1671Clare Birch56.4655.01
1701Richard Clarke57.0256.13
1731Benito Zaccariello57.1656.57
1942Francis Josephs59.1157.51
2070Sheila Doel60.3359.07
2197Maureen O'Sullivan62.0361.07
2846last finisher
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