Oxon County Road Relays

Date: 19th Apr 2009
Distance: 3.25 miles
Full results: https://www.hrr.org.uk/news/index.php?act=view&item=276
Type: Road
Comments: To see full results (team, fastest time listings), see above URL. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fantastic HRR turnout today - I hope you all enjoyed it. Both of our vets teams brought home gold medals (the ladies narrowly missing out on first overall to a team 70 years our junior!!) and our senior ladies brought away a well-earned silver. There were great individual performances too from Jude, Helen and Gary.
Men's teams
1Oxford City1:48:29
4Headington A (Gary, Pete, Martin, Jason, James, Richard)1:51:08
9Headington Vets (Laurie, Jim, Chris, Andy, Alan, Crispin)1:56:391st vet team
26Headington B (Ross, Matt, Mike, John, Graham, Andy)2:22:1518th senior team
27last team2:31:58
Ladies' teams
1Oxford City1:01:45
2Headington Vets A (Sandra, Adrienne, Jude)1:01:531st vet team
4Headington A (Helen B, Rachel, Caroline)1:03:532nd senior team
11Headington Vets B (Edwina, Helen T, Anita)1:10:175th vets team
17Headington B (Sian, Sharon, Philippa)1:13:108th senior team
32Headington C (Liz, Mary, Jacqui)1:26:5318th senior team
35last team1:38:12
Individual men
1first runner16:29
3Gary Harris17:14
16Jason Smith18:08
32Pete Godwin18:42
33Richard Skilbeck18:42
34Crispin Hetherington18:43
38Jim Thorn18:48
42Martin Dunmore18:54
50Chris Prince19:11
61Andy Phelps19:23
62James Penfold19:28
79Laurie Hurman20:04
88Alan Derbyshire20:30
117Mike Davies21:33
127Matt Biglin22:01
147John Cope24:16
152Graham Day24:25
160Andy Sulley24:56
162Ross Logan25:04
170last runner29:26
Individual women
1Jude Craft18:46
3Helen Barnes19:10
13Adrienne Hopkins21:32
14Sandra Wolanski21:35
19Rachel Shaw22:21
20Caroline Urech22:22
26Anita James22:51
28Edwina McDowall22:59
38Sian Alexander23:29
51Philippa Griffin24:13
52Helen Turley24:27
63Sharon Pyner25:28
90Jacqui Knight28:27
97Mary Russell29:06
99Liz Haydon29:20
112last runner36:28"
817,Geoff Burke3:32:19 pb
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