Oxon County Road Relays

Date: 20th Apr 2008
Distance: 5.5K (approx.)
Type: Road
Comments: Congratulations to the vet men's team (Crispin, Vasili, Ian, Andy, Simon and Michael) on first place and to Crispin and Vasili for posting the first and third fastest vet men's times. A special mention to Graham and Ross for stepping in at very late notice to make up numbers, and to Alice for her first race in HRR colours.
Team results - men
1st SMWoodstock1:52:09
1st VMHeadington1:55:30(Crispin, Vasili, Andy, Ian, Michael, Simon)
10th SMHeadington2:17:52(Graham, Ross, Steve, Laurence, Chris, Pete)
8th VMAbingdon B2:18:14
11th SMCherwell C2:18:42
Team results - women
1st SLRadley1:06:20
1st VLWoodstock1:07:16
5th SLHeadington1:09:26(Rachel, Alice, Adrienne)
4th VLHeadington1:09:59(Sandra, Helen, Anita)
13th SLAlchester C1:24:24
9th VLAbingdon C1:25:22
Individual results - men
1fastest runner17:00
4Crispin Hetherington17:391st vet
8Vasili Zverev18:063rd vet
22Ian Meadowcroft18:54
30Pete Godwin19:08
51Andy Phelps19:37
65Simon Purchon20:22
72Chris Colbeck20:40
78Michael Worthington20:52
82Laurence Kemble21:02
131Steve Cowles24:23
141Graham Day26:03
143Ross Logan26:36
Individual results - women
1first runner20:26
6Sandra Wolanski21:32
16Adrienne Hopkins22:41
19Rachel Shaw22:52
31Anita James23:51
33Alice Thomas23:53
40Helen Turley24:36
72last runner37:01
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