Paris 2007 Marathon

Date: 15th Apr 2007
Distance: Marathon
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Unseasonably hot weather made top performances difficult, but this did not prevent Julien break the club records with an amazing 02h 30' 03" to come 46th overall! Many PBs all around - Positions are real (i.e. by chip-time), times in brackets are by race clock
46Julien LHOMME2:30:03 (2:30:08) club record
1904Yiannis FITSAKIS3:14:31 (3:15:26)
4139Eirini FLOURI3:30:02 (3:34:00) pb
5597David HEALY3:37:53 (3:42:26) pb
6494Lara MASSEY3:42:37 (3:48:30)
8103Alex SMITH3:49:18 (3:53:13) pb
8207Joanna SHEARER3:49:47 (3:53:37) pb
15815Michael DAVIES4:21:07 (4:25:52)
16286Alana CLARK4:23:09 (4:29:56) first
18530Todd SAJWAJ4:33:11 (4:43:49) first
18674Emma CARTER4:33:58 (4:41:59) first
19235Simon WOOD4:36:41 (4:50:52)
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