Paris Marathon

Date: 05th Apr 2009
Distance: Marathon
Type: Road
Comments: So very French! A race of great beauty in wonderful conditions, but the details of organisation showed why London is streets ahead. There were many HRR runners and plenty of highlights. Please correct/ add as you see fit.
Harry Walker3.23.06
Craig Perkins3.29.59
Robert Treadwell3.32.46
Susan Turner3.34.43 pb
Adrian Balmer3.44.57
Rachel Shaw3.45.37
Kevin Byrne3.46.26
John Stephens3.56.46pb
Simon Tiensa3.59.35pb
Steve Cowls4.04.30
Christian Babbs4.07.44
Linda Macaskill4.12.28
Mike Yeats4.19.09 pb
Kate Sheehan4.19.10
Alison Barry4.20.21
Lisa Shaw4.25.11
Ross Logan4.28.42 pb
Sheila Doel4.42.58 pb club record
Graham Day4.44.16
Kit Villiers4.44.59
Maureen O'Sullivan5.48.01
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