Race Walking : EAA Grand Prix, Leamington

Date: 14th Sep 2002
Distance: 3K
Full results: http://www.ukathletics.net/default.asp?page=7C3356243A3F743B5E2D7232&article_id=CE6DCE6EDE62DE67
Type: Road
Comments: Alongside the international 10K races sponsored by UKA and the European Athletics Association, held on a 750-metre circuit in Victoria Park, Leamington, a 3K Veterans race was organised including an England v Ireland match. Those who know Abingdon's Noel Blatchford may like to know that she was 3rd in the women's race and won the W50 category, taking home a nice shiny gold medal! No medals for me, and not even a dope test (for which the first 3 blokes had to give samples . . . you can't trust these old ones.)
Results: Vets 3K 5 Graham Chapman 14:34 pb (2nd England)
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