Race Walking – Midlands Winter League 10K, Worcester

Date: 19th Oct 2003
Distance: 10K
Type: Road
Comments: How chuffed can you be with just one race ? Beautiful autumn drive through Cotswold Relay country to get there. Won an open race (not just vets, not a county championship) for the first time. Over three minutes off the time I set last month at Leicester. Over one minute off the pb that I set when I was but a slip of a lad (1972 I think). Beat Colin Bradley - who beat me for the British Vets 5K track title in July. Beat Steve Arnold - who beat me for the British Vets 10K road title at Leicester. However - it was Colin's third race of the weekend and his second of the day (!). Steve had done a 50K in Austria the previous weekend (these things take a bit of recovering-from) - and he took over a minute off his Leicester time. And Worcester is only a few dozen miles from Bourton - maybe they use the same measuring-wheel ! In conclusion, what can I say but that I heartily recommend Frank's new HRR leggings. It clearly put a bit of a spring in your step to know that you're arriving at a venue properly attired.
Results: 1 Graham Chapman 49:34 pb
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