Reading Half Marathon

Date: 09th Apr 2006
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Type: Road
Comments: Perfect weather, well organised parking, bussing and start this year. Marshalling out on course could have been better but overall the organisers seem to have leaarned from previous years and put on a good race.
1Simon Kasimili (Kenya)1:04:51
61Steve Hands1:18:20
90Laurie Hurman1:20:24 pb 2nd M50
450Bennet Morris1:29:38
509Yiannis Fitakis1:29:59
767Martin Allen1:33:48
785Anna Cornelius1:33:58
919Siddia Khan1:35:23
1131Tim Mean1:37:14
1422Rosemary Whiteley1:39:49
1846Ellen Armitage1:43:09
2575Al Bell1:48:07
2880John Yianni1:50:16
2925Mike Yeats1:50:28
3184Eirini Flouri1:46:08 pb
3714Charlotte Madison1:55:27
4181Joanna Shearer1:58:11
4299Jo Bryant1:58:52
4892Roslyn Kemp2:02:25
6508Ross Logan2:06:04 pb
7487Julie Gardner2:24:38
7510Juliette Bostwick2:24:56
8837Last Finisher4:16:00
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