Ridgeway Relay

Date: 15th Jun 2008
Distance: 86m
Full results: http://www.marlboroughrunningclub.co.uk/ridgewayrelay.shtm
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Two teams round safely, everyone where they should be, when they should be, nobody got lost (unlike many other teams), but what drama at the end! Abingdon saved their big shots until last, and pulled back a fifteen minute deficit over the last three legs, to beat us into third by 16 seconds. As for Vale of Aylesbury, they were just awesome. It was obvious from very early on that we were in a different race. A great day. See the July newsletter for the full story.
Team results:
1Vale of Aylesbury AC09:30:58 course record
2Abingdon Amblers A10:12:13
3Headington RR A10:12:29
19Headington RR B12:05:40
38last team15:14:17
Individual results:
A team
LegNameTimeDistancePlace on leg
1Mark Richards1:08:4511.23
2Gavin Bird0:47:455.86
3Andy Phelps1:02:509.43
4Adrienne Hopkins0:39:285.45
5Roger Thetford1:13:0310.16
6Simon Purchon1:12:0710.47
7Andrew James1:01:479.15
8Liz Barker0:55:247.88
9Laurie Hurman1:10:0310.75
10Ian Meadowcroft1:01:179.47
B team
1Barry Burlingham1:23:3411.223
2Matt Biglin0:49:565.810
3Graham Norris1:26:389.434
4Mary Russell0:59:405.435
5Martin Allen1:22:5610.119
6Jo Choulerton1:28:2310.428
7Rob Treadwell1:10:309.115
8Louise Oliver1:05:027.821
9Laurence Kemble1:18:5610.717
10Jason Smith1:00:059.44
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