Ridgeway Relay Challenge 2001

Date: 02nd Sep 2001
Full results: http://freespace.virgin.net/alan.joslin/ridgeway2001results.htm
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Headington Road Runners A managed to retain the trophy in a dramatic race that went all the way to the last stage while the B team fought back from 15th position to finish in a creditable 9th place out of 19 teams that competed this year.
PosTeam nameTimePacePos 2000Time 2000
1HEADINGTON ROAD RUNNERS A5810:20:516:57110:13:26
2Bearbrook Joggers A5310:27:297:01410:50:23
3Swindon Harriers A6610:53:327:19310:44:42
4Reading Road Runners A7010:57:447:21210:40:32
5Newbury Athletic Club6411:00:227:23611:03:53
6Pewsey Vale Running Club6511:00:577:241411:51:42
7Compton Harriers5511:20:537:371611:56:11
8Bearbrook Joggers B5411:52:207:581812:26:27
9HEADINGTON ROAD RUNNERS B5911:55:448:00711:06:27
10Marlborough Running Club A6112:10:548:111111:44:47
11Swindon Striders Sads6812:21:518:181712:02:21
12Swindon Harriers B6712:28:028:222212:54:38
14Handy Cross Ladies5612:49:558:37
15Abingdon Amblers A5113:21:008:582613:42:09
16Handy Cross Men5713:23:298:59
17Abingdon Amblers B5213:39:379:103214:52:54
18Minehead Running Club6314:09:549:30911:26:59
19Reading Road Runners B7114:50:359:581511:52:09
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