Ridgeway Run

Date: 12th Oct 2008
Distance: 15k-ish (also described as 9m)
Full results: http://www.tringrunningclub.org.uk/aw-rway/2008/index.html
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: After the long haul up from Tring to the Ashridge monument, the course ran along woodland paths and out on to the Ridgeway. Then it was back down to Tring and the final mile or so on road. Very well marshalled and marked course. Plenty of parking and facilities at the Finish. Even without the glorious weather, it was a very enjoyable race.
10:56:031st Man
211:05:271st Lady
1041:17:21Emma Keys
2991:32:14Mike Dunn
3931:43:22Consuela Moorman
4061:48:06Mary Russell
4382:41:28Last Finisher
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