rough ‘n’ tumble 10

Date: 15th Jan 2007
Distance: 10.4 miles
Full results:
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: A race which lived up to its name: the going was very rough, and the tumbles frequent! Over ten miles of huge hills, one of which made "The Beast" seem a piece of cake; stunning views, and lots of mud and water. I found the hardest bits the flat stretches over muddy fields, which were very sapping. However, overall it was great fun, and very friendly.
1first runner1:08:16
55Gareth Hudson1:23:43
92Frances Burge1:28:30-2nd senior lady
138Martin Stow1:34:11
213Cindy Warwick1:41:33
318Dave Howse1:52:45
435Francis Josephs2:11:47
441Amanda Newhouse(OUP AAC)2:13:39
442Richard Newhouse2:13:39
476last runner2:54:09
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