Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 17th Sep 2006
Full results:
Type: Long distance relay
Comments: Nearly losing the bikes off the back of the minibus just outside Oxford didn't bode well for the rest of the weekend, but it wasn't a sign of things to come! In fact, our two teams got round the course remarkably incident free. Headington A were 2nd in the club class (the highest class), 3rd overall; Headington B 13th in the open class, 26th overall. HRR A also won the award for the club finishing closest to predicted time - 1.27 out, well done John and Will! Congratulations to Gary, Chris D and Frances for stage wins, and to Anne, Carol and Dave Edwards, who were third family.
1City of Norwich A19:38:32Club
2Mansfield Harriers20:43:02Open
3Headington A21.01.27Club
4City of Norwich B21.06.28Club
26Headington B25.39.52Open
45last team29.56.36
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