Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 16th Sep 2007
Distance: 193 miles
Full results:
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Another great weekend of madness! HRR brought back prizes for 1st team (open class), the visitors' trophy for 1st team from outside Norfolk, stage wins for Gary, Jude and Richard, and wooden spoon for worst time estimate for the B team (3 hours slower than predicted). Jude also set a stage record.
Team results
1HRR A21:04:27
41HRR B27:00:21
50last team29:47:00
Individual results - A team
LegNameDistanceTimePaceTeam pos.Leg pos.
1Vasili Zverev16.321:45:326.2822
2Roger Thetford14.061:32:016.3223
3Anita James5.3942:117.49314
4Gary Harris12.761:15:315.5521
5Chris Colbeck8.611:03:427.23312
6Pete Godwin7.6151:236.4525
7John Griffiths9.2459:546.2929
8Ian Meadowcroft7.5247:226.1722
9Jude Craft11.301:13:236.2925
10Chris Prince15.081:43:466.52213
11Julien Lhomme19.602:02:336.1524
12Richard Skilbeck18.371:53:316.1011
13Luke McNeill13.981:35:136.48112
14Sally Howard8.8058:526.41110
15Anne Edwards7.2055:007.38120
16Adrienne Hopkins5.4938:507.04114
17Chris Dettmar11.731:05:435.3612
Individual results - B team
LegNameDistanceTimePaceTeam pos.Leg pos.
1Laurence Kemble16.322:05:457.422929
2Mike Dunn14.062:19:549.574548
3Harriet Griffiths5.3950:439.244433
4Neville Baker12.761:23:406.33365
5Rai Alsemgeest8.611:11:088.153222
6Carol Edwards7.611:08:238.593334
7Martin Stubbings9.241:26:509.233545
8Kate Smith7.521:08:559.093643
9Corinna Abesser11.301:29:457.563530
10Matt Biglin15.081:49:427.163521
11John Worth19.602:45:008.253438
12Marie-Anne Fischer18.372:33:158.203739
13Barry Burlingham13.981:43:597.263722
14Graham Day8.801:19:299.013845
15Sarah Grylls7.201:05:179.043944
16Mary Russell5.4952:409.353942
17Geoff Raynham11.731:45:569.014145
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