Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 20th Sep 2008
Distance: 193.88
Full results:
Type: Long distance relay
Comments: A warm weekend in Norfolk saw our team finish a very respectable 4th in the Club class. An excellent stage win for Chris Dettmar and some other good individual stages helped to compensate for those of us with less pace!
1City of Norwich AClub20:01:45
16Headington RRClub24:29:33
48Last team30:09:29
Name CatTimeAG %PacePos. in stageCat Pos. (in stage)
1Laurence KembleMS2:00:3462.677:23199
2Craig PerkinsMS1:46:4460.497:36208
3Mary RussellLM1:02:1147.1911:324615
4Laurie HurmanMM1:31:5572.017:12106
5Rachel ShawLS1:14:0256.998:36242
6Mike DunnMM1:08:5862.588:47349
7John GriffithsMM0:59:5775.986:2993
8Nick HolmesMS0:56:1058.757:28244
9Neville BakerMM1:45:1255.379:194616
10Peter RichardsonMS1:48:2064.217:112111
11Frances BurgeLS2:26:2369.197:28232
12Vasily ZverevMM2:00:3280.726:0853
13Graham DayMM1:57:3054.208:524425
14Marie-Anne FischerLM1:10:1467.817:59281
15Jack GriffithsMJ0:49:4963.766:5592
16Alana ClarkLS0:44:5758.448:11281
17Chris DettmarMS1:06:0581.195:3811
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