Round Norfolk Relay

Date: 18th Sep 2010
Distance: 195m
Full results:
Type: Relay
Comments: Our annual appearance at the RNR saw some strong individual performances in an increasingly competitive event: 3rd position within category for Marie-Anne, Claire, Adrienne and Richard. Overall, Headington took 9th position in Club class (21st out of a field of 54 teams).
StageMilesNameCatTime Pacepos in stg
116.32Robert TreadwellMM2:02:40 07:31.010
214.06Nik HaynesMS1:35:11 06:46.25
35.76Mike DunnMM0:51:43 08:58.711
411.14John WorthMM1:34:16 08:27.717
510.81Marie-Anne FischerLM1:40:35 09:18.33
67.90Kath HaynesLS0:59:44 07:33.75
79.24Claire BurleyLS1:08:12 07:22.93
87.52Adrienne HopkinsLM0:53:56 07:10.33
911.30Ed ByardMS1:29:23Time penalty07:54.616
1020.06Richard SkilbeckMS2:04:58 06:13.83
1114.60Peter RichardsonMS1:53:33 07:46.617
1219.67Simon PurchonMM2:32:09 07:44.116
1313.25Craig PerkinsMS1:46:13 08:01.013
148.80Neville BakerMM0:59:12 06:43.69
157.20Philip ListerMM0:53:35 07:26.57
165.49Anita JamesLM0:51:41Time penalty09:24.817
1711.73Jack GriffithsMS1:21:42 06:57.96
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