SEAA South of England Cross Counrty Championships

Date: 27th Jan 2007
Full results:
Type: XC
Comments: Widely agreed to be a classic race in the beatiful setting of Holkham Park, Norfolk. Run on a fabulous course, in glorious sunshine, and proof that XC doesn't necessarily mean mud! Senior Women - 11th team out of 22. Jude Craft (28), Lucy Burton (42), Anita James (125), Marie-Anne Fischer (171) Senior Men - 6 man team were 15th out of 38. Gary Harris (90), Vasiliy Zverev (101), Roger Thetford (157), Dan Burton (193), Pete Godwin (229) and Richard Skillbeck (234). Senior men also completed a 12-man team, 8th out of 13 teams overall. Above finishers plus John Griffiths (241), Chris Colbeck (249), Laurie Hurman (256), Ian Meadowcroft (271), Chris Nellins (306) and Pat Read (477). Other finishers were John Worth (491) and Mike Dunn (549)
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