Silverstone 10k

Date: 06th May 2008
Distance: 10K
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Some great results from HRR individuals and really strong team showing: First Vet women, First Vet Men, and overall Second Men and Second Women's teams. Not bad with just three HRR women running! [3rd M50 is very flattering but if you agregate the M50 and M55 - as would normally be the case - I was 5th. Still a result to be proud of. (Laurie)]
1Nigel Stirk (Tipton)31:19
3Gary Harris31:45 3rd SM
13Vasiliy Zverev34:07 3rd M40
37Ian Meadowcroft35:49 3rd M45
43Jude Craft36:10 1st W35
50Laurie Hurman36:56 3rd M50
61John Griffiths37:26
106Simon Purchon39:26
152Michael Worthington40:52 1st M60
171David Collyer41:31
172Sandra Wolanski41:34 1st W45
183Jack Griffiths41:48
366Anita James46:00
539Andrew Skully49:45
600Ross Logan51:05
977Last finisher
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