Silverstone 10k

Date: 04th May 2010
Distance: 10K
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: The first time I've been at Silverstone when there's been no wind at all. It was a fine evening, cool and dry. If you were looking for a PB then this was the place to be. Competition was very strong at the front of the race. Gary said to me afterwards that it was unusual for him to be in the second group and still going too fast in the first few K. Personally I was very happy with he first 5k which was sub 18 but I got a massive stitch at 8k and had to come right down to a walk before I could get rid of it. Still I showed myself that the speed is back so I'm happy with the night's work. Chris Riley some of you will know, runs for us second claim in the cross countries. Some of you will also know Silson Jogger's Eddie Shoesmith. I am pleased to report he has just been awarded life membership of Silson for his long term contribution to that club. Well done Eddie.
8Chris Riley32:41
13Gary Harris33:02
33Richard Skilbeck35:13pb
43Jude Craft35:382nd F 1st F35
78Laurie Hurman37:382nd M55 5th 50-59
515Graham Day48:45
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