Silverstone Half Marathon

Date: 15th Mar 2009
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: Road
Comments: Not particularly scenic, but good PB potential. Definitely made as the "London warm-up" - even the pre-race magazine, kitbag and then goodie bag looked the same. Fortunately the atmosphere in London is better... But: glorious day, not a lot of wind, quite flat - a day made for a fast run. Personally very happy to get under 1:30, finally. Lots of yellow-blue vests around, but from other clubs. Still - I think I spotted at least one other HRR-vest in the distance?
1st manDarran Bilton1:07:23Leeds City AC
1st ladyJuliet Doyle1:17:26Charnwood AC
7th ladyUrsula Schulz1:26:27HRRpb
last runner 3:55:08
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