Stroud Half-marathon

Date: 27th Oct 2002
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Type: Road
Comments: Gary smashed the World Record for an individual pushing a pram in a half-marathon which previously stood at 1 hour 30 minutes. Gary ran 1:23:48, his new record (to be confirmed by Guinness World Records) is seven minutes quicker than the previous record. Without a buggy Gary's pb is 69 minutes, and pushing Rowan (aged 4) added a minute a mile to his time, plus a minute for the wind. The race was won by a Russian followed by two Kenyans. Peter Haarer was 7th man and collected cash prize. Jude Craft was third lady and collected cash prize. Headinton Ladies (Jude, Jo and Marie-Anne) were first ladies team and collected a cash prize.
Peter Haarer1:11:46
Jude Craft1:18:29pb
Gary Harris & Rowan1:23:48new Guiness record (to be ratified)
Jo Choulerton1:29:00
Frank Bailey1:29:56pb
Marie-Anne Fischer1:41:29pb
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