The Beast

Date: 31st Aug 2003
Distance: over 13 m
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: On a sunny Sunday morning, 9 HRR runners went down to Dorset to experience the "Beast". Through woodland, along the Coastal Path, up and down millions of steep steps they battled it out against wild 14 miles. Here is how they did:
PlaceNameTimeCategory positionM/F Position
82Mark Creasey1:43:2536 M4075
144Matty Pipe1:53:114 SW16
184Marie-Anne Fischer1:58:339 W4027
185Gerald Walker1:58:3334 M50158
251Catherine Shelley2:08:2910 SW43
364Alison Barry2:24:2918 W3586
365Sarah Grylls2:24:4418 W5087
379Francis Josephs2:30:3083 M50286
421Pam Smith3:07:3526 W50123
425last in3:57:0225 M60300
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