The Hellrunner

Date: 17th Oct 2004
Distance: 10 miles
Full results:
Type: XC
Comments: The Hellrunner, part of the Saab Salomon "Adventure" series, was a new event for this year. Held on Weavers Down, an army training ground in Hampshire, it attracted a good sized field with over 600 finishers. We were promised "Adventure Running at it's toughest" and weren't disappointed! The ten miles was broken into three distinct zones - each progressively harder - 5 miles of sweeping tracks & trails; 2.5 miles of "The Wetlands" and 2.5 miles of "The Hills from Hell". Next year promises to be tougher! Thoroughly recommended as a warm-up for the X-C season.
25Luke McNeill1:09:00
182Frank Bailey1:20:14
276John Worth1:24:53
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