The Otmoor Challenge

Date: 01st Jun 2013
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: MT
Comments: A sunny & hot afternoon saw over 350 competitors line up to circumnavigate an undulating village course around North Oxfordshire. Watch out for the hill at Mile 11, say those of experience. Ok, it's a hill with a water station at the end. Wasn't too bad. Oh. THAT hill! What goes up must come down though...
PosnNameRace NoTimeClub
1First Finisher35501:12:08Oxford City
30Kenny Lowies80001:31:34Headington RR
39Laurie Hurman82501:32:20Headington RR
40Jessica Bruce27901:32:27Headington RR
42Wrighton-Smith70401:32:46Headington RR
56Neville Baker72601:35:34Headington RR
93Rachel Shaw28101:40:54Headington RR
104Clive Slator64301:43:12Headington RR
111David Sawyer67101:44:45Headington RR
128Emma Croft27801:46:20Headington RR
130Kate Sheehan28001:46:25Headington RR
135Geoff Burke82101:47:05Headington RR
136Kevin Burne78301:47:06Headington RR
157Tracey Stapley17201:50:04Headington RR
175John Worth71301:53:10Headington RR
190Tim Mean63601:55:25Headington RR
205Ulen Neale77701:57:15Headington RR
252Phill Sharpe10102:06:18Headington RR
325Ruth Landreth29702:25:33Headington RR
341Kit Villiers61702:38:23Headington RR
353Last Finisher61403:04:28
1307,I will add these soon!
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