Wargrave 10K

Date: 14th Jun 2009
Distance: 10K
Full results: http://www.wargraverunners.net/Tenkay2009.html
Type: Road

Wargrave is halfway along the A4 from Reading to Maidenhead. This 10K takes place on undulating rural lanes. As there were 628 finishers, these narrow lanes were a bit crowded for the first 3K (at least they were where I was).

There is a hill between 3.6K and 4K, but it's mainly downhill or flat from about 5K onwards. The hardest parts are the straight and flat mile just before 8K and the last 0.4K which are on grass going three sides round the recreation ground. This is especially so when it's hot as there's no shade.

The race was well marshalled and there were three water stations. Chips were used for timing.

20 runners were from the Teignbridge Trotters running club which is in Devon. Querying a few of them before the race as to why they'd travelled so far, I learnt that they were suffering from a stag day the day before! However, lots of them finished in front of me even though I'd only had one beer the day before: their first two finishers were at 15th and 17th.

I also saw some runners with T-shirts saying wide fitting "briefs". I asked one of them, during the race, an obvious question to which he giggled and replied 38 inches.

first finisher
Barry Cornelius
Katherine Paues
last finisher
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