White Horse Half Marathon

Date: 06th Apr 2008
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results: http://ridgedale.powweb.com/WHN/results/rr2008/2008WHhalf_IndResults.pdf
Type: Road
Comments: Looked out of the window and almost didn't go. By the time the race started the roads were completely clear of snow and in most parts dry. Conditions were cold with light wind. Unusualy the wind was behind us in the second half which was a big bonus because I was getting tired by then. Funny how those miniscule gradients between 10 and 11 miles that you don't even notice on the way out at the start become huge mountains on the way back to the finish. Francis, Sarah and Adrienne were first Ladies team.
18Andrew James81:35
22Laurie Hurman82:273rd M50
53Francis Burge88:54
120Sarah Sainsbury99:36
147Adrienne Hopkins101:41 pb
161Ian McPherson102:36
215Graham Norris109:57
222Charlotte Coles110:30
259Andrew Sully115:44
262Graham Day115:55
296Peter Moran121:18
342Ross Logan132:27
376Maureen O'Sullivan150:20
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