Wycombe Half Marathon

Date: 10th Jul 2005
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results: http://www.handycrossrunners.freeserve.co.uk/
Type: Road
Comments: A very hot day, and a lovely big hill over the first mile. Fast times weren't on the cards. A well supported event, though - lots of sprinklers and hose pipes along the way made the run a bit more bearable! Congratulations to Vasili, 1st M40.
[1first finisher1.11.57]
6Vasili Zverev1.18.32 1st M40
212Marie-Anne Fischer1.46.08VL35
365Kit Villiers1.55.08M60
459Adrienne Hopkins1.59.22SL
578Manuel Stone2.07.33M50
665Ross Logan2.14.12M40
884Chris Esser2.54.08M40 ?
[906last finisher3.30.00+]
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