Yarnton 5

Date: 12th Jul 2008
Type: Road
Comments: Chaos. Quite the most chaotic race that I have ever been in. Fair play to the lead bike - he almost got away with it. Unfortunatly he got too ambitious and there were two big gaps between runners that meant - in the absence of any marshals - we didn't know where to go. To be honest I don't know how much the results mean. I saw Steve Hands come to a halt twice not knowing which way to go. I certainly wouldn't take any notice of the times because it could have been any distance at all.
14Stephen Hands30:332nd CC M40
18Laurie Hurman30:392nd M501st CC M50
29Martin Dunmore31:32
34Richard Skilbeck32:22
42Micheal Worthington33:36
55Richard Newhouse34:47
58Adrienne Hopkins35:144th, 2nd VL2nd CC LV35
85Graham Norris39:04
86Bob Green39:11
100Imogen Mathews40:25
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